Some Snippets of God Moving During NSO

Students engaging in NSO at UIC

It is especially amazing to see our students grasp the vision for new small groups to emerge and to ask new students if they want to help with that. One of these students is even a freshman who we had just met – she wanted to help us reach new students!

At UIC, we have spent the last month welcoming new students to campus. Our returning students have worked hard with following up with the people who have been interested in our ministry – it has been encouraging to see that the work that we did last year in developing student leaders is bearing fruit now. In taking another step forward in leadership, we plan to launch small groups starting next week!

At University of Chicago, we are just about to start a month of New Student Outreach. Our students have many events planned and are intentionally working to see how they can invite non-Christians to take at least one step forward in their faith journeys.

Prayer Requests
  • That our students can continue to welcome new students into our ministries.
  • That UIC Small Groups will launch successfully and that God will bring people to them.
  • That University of Chicago students will be sustained as they pour themselves out to welcome new students as the school year begins.


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